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I was in a LBS earlier and overheard a few guys talking about the Fenwicks FS-1 cleaner, Anyone use this stuff? is it as good as they and Fenwicks claim? i used to use Muc off but due to decals melting i stopped using it and i was using Valet Pro Orange pre wash sprayed onto the whole bike left for a few minutes and sprayed with a garden hose, will the Fenwicks stuff strip wax from the bike paintwork.
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    It makes for a really good degreaser used neat, diluted 10 to 1 is equivalent to Muc-Off, ...I think you were unlucky with your bike, these manufacturers sell 100,000s of gallons of this stuff and it doesn't strip decals off every bike it touches.

    Personally, FS-1 diluted 10-1 is a great substitute for Muc-Off that's cheaper and maybe better, but, I'd only use these things for washing off filthy Mountain Bikes, spray it on, blast it off, for road bikes I just use some good car shampoo that has no wax in and a bucket and a sponge, and reserve all the specific cleaners for specific tasks, eg, stubborn grease marks, bit of GT85 on some kitchen roll... in short, I like my road bikes too much to drench them in weak degreaser every time I wash them when for how grubby they get, I know it is overkill.

    By the way, Fenwicks foaming chain cleaner works a treat, less hassle than a mechanical chain cleaner and great on cassettes too for general good clean-ups.
  • Agree with all the above, dead cheap from Merlin in undiluted form. Dilute a bit in an old muc-off spray bottle* and it's a great cleaner for 'orrible MTBs. Undiluted it makes a good chain/cassette cleaner.
    I just use baby-wipes on the roadie though if I'm honest, they do a fine job. not like it ever gets filthy anyway.

    *other spray bottles are available