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Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the page. I'm a film and video editor and film-maker for a company called Jump. Ltd. I personally have a passion for filming extreme and action sports most importantly mountain biking :) I thought I'd tell you all about the day I persuaded my boss to make a short downhill film to try out and experiment with our new super slow motion camera. Christmas came early! So one day a small crew and downhill rider James Linney headed into the forest trails (location not disclosed) with a view to making a downhill film. It was freezing, the ground was frozen, and it was starting to snow but we went ahead and did it. This is how it turned out. I hope you enjoy. ... oopJcEG9iQ



  • Hi there, that's a good video, nicely done. I notice that you purposely haven't named the location, but I think I recognise it. I work in Moreton in Marsh and travel home along the A44. Is it along that route?
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  • haha you're very close!
  • Thanks for getting back to me, can anyone ride there or is it a private spot
    If you don't fall off you're not trying hard enough!
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    good work, i like it
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    If you are going to slow mo a rider - make sure they are moving fast enough to need slowing down - and dont make 98% of the film slow mo - watch Into the Mind (ski film) - its so damn boring due to arty shots and slow mo throughout.
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