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Kilo to Go - Closed Roads

Wardster00Wardster00 Posts: 143
I received an email today from KTG saying that tomorrow they will announce their sportives for 2014.

The big news being that on the Tour of the Peak they are changing the start location to Bakewell and re-arranging the route. It will still take in Holme Moss, Winnats and C&F but the Winnats climb will be on closed roads.

This is good news, for the last 2 years, I have ridden the Tour of the Peak and Winnats has been absolute chaos. I am putting down the smell of burning clutches (cars trying to overtake lots of cyclists on 20% gradients) as the reason that I found Winnats so tough. This year I will have no such excuse.....

In addition, they are also closing the road for the Mow Cop section of the Cheshire Cat. I have never ridden the Cheshire Cat but this makes it more appealing.

I just hope that they don't put the price up too much?


  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    Mow cop was closed road in 2013, so no change there!
  • Does make sense for a lot of rides of this type - to close some of the roads. Especially those on steep climbs or particularly narrow stretches and where they are decent diversions in place.

    Even if the roads aren't closed perhaps there should be more of a "Cycle Event Ahead - Suggested Diversion -->" type thing rather than compulsory closures.
  • That Tour of the peaks looks rather nasty!! 12500 ft of climbing :shock:
  • Winnats on a closed road makes sense, and to have it as first proper climb is a good idea also, change of HQ and I presume a slight change to route makes it much more appealing, will fit it in around my TT's next year I think.
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