My Giant TCR Advanced 1

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  • That's right on the money, gorgeous looks!
    Giant TCR Composite 3
  • upperoilcan
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    Not a fan GIants but that is by far the best looking one I've seen.

    Good work !
    Cervelo S5 Ultegra Di2.
  • 76FCCB1A-85C2-4AA9-A37E-E000019C8352-1192-00000120958E3DC4_zpsda7bec14.jpg

    Few more pics showing the carbon weave
  • Soooooo sexy!!
    Giant TCR Composite 3
  • Gunnsie
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    Very nice!! I was looking at these and dribbling whilst walking round the new Giant Shop near St Paul's. As said above, not usually a Giant fan, but these are blady nice!! They've really upped their game.
  • Sorry to be thick, is this a current model then?
  • No its a 2012 frame
  • Thanks. Giant are one of those firms going backwards in their cosmetics. The 2014 models lower down in the range are awful in my opinion. They seem to pull it out of the bag with the advanced and SL models though.
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    I like the look of that. :)
  • Yeah I'm a big fan of the 2012 models.
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    Thinking about selling this bike. Make me an offer if your interested? Or would swap for a cervelo.