Black Shark Front or Rear?

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So to cut a long story short, ive recently started getting back out on my bike, but the tyres aren't up to scratch for the time of year and the muddy(ish) conditions. I went to my local shop and bought a Schwalbe Black Shark (unfortunatley the store is closing down so it was a good price), my question is; should I put it on the front and find a decent rear? Or should I put it on the back and get a Hans Dampf for the front?
I mostly ride sherwood pines (its near by) or wooded areas & dirt tracks. Im not too fussed about weights, just something that grips and wont let me down.


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    Don't know this tyre but I always go for the most grippy tyre up front and a slightly quicker one on the rear. I think there are 2 Hans Dampfs too aren't there? Pace star & trail star? I 'think' the latter is more grippy.
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    Looks like the black shark is part of schwalbe's active or performance line, so unlikely to be much good unfortunately
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