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2013 Orange 5 Pro

LloydFLloydF Posts: 14
edited November 2013 in Your mountain bikes

After floating about for a little while I thought I'd get a thread going to show you guys my bike.

I originally started riding on a Cube hardtail and after getting to grips with the basics, I moved on to a full susser. It was a toss between the Specialized Camber Comp, Ghost AMR Lector 8500 and Orange 5 Pro; but after test ridding each bike I found the Orange 5 17" frame to be the best fit for my size (5ft 9") and style (hipster haha). So a purchase was made and I managed to swindle a set of free Nukeproof pedals.


I rode the bike as pictured for a while with the only purchase made being a carbon fibre bash guard. But after taking a mighty hit where I literally caved the front of my bike and face in, I was forced to replace a few parts which gave me the perfect excuse to upgrade :).

A replacement wheel was sourced and I upgraded to a Renthal 20mm rise bar and Renthal stem.


Since then I've been a bit shakey and scared to give it full beans on the trail but slowly getting my confidence back.


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