Decathlon - decent advice?

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Hi folks,

I need to get back on a bike for health and wealth (or lack thereof) reasons but I am loathe to go to my LBS as they sold me an absolute nightmare a few years ago. I was really relieved when it got stolen and I didn't have to ride the bloody thing again, it was way too big and virtually every component bar the frame had issues. I have a couple of Decathlon vouchers which just about brings a Rockrider 5.1 within my purchasing ability but I am currently between jobs so I can't squeeze much more than £150 out of the budget. However, given my previous LBS experience I would like to know whether Decathlon give any advice as to sizing etc. or are they just a warehouse style operation? Will there be someone there who knows what they are talking about or do I really need to find out a bit more before I go? If it makes any difference I will probably go to the Nottingham store.




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    I cobbled this from Decathlons's page:

    Your height (cm's) vs bike Size
    135 - 150 - XS
    150 - 165 - S
    165 - 173 - M
    173 - 176 - M/L
    176 - 180 - L
    180 - 184 - L/XL
    184 - 195 - XL

    I'd have to say it varies from shop to shop in respect of useful help, so it may be pot luck.

    If you come up in the 165-180 range, for example, try the M and L, and go with what's comfortable.

    This might help, and you can get the saddle height right when you try the bikes on: ... ght-14608/

    The Rockriders are good VFM by the way.

  • Thanks, I have only ever ridden a bike that many people told me was far too big so I don't really know what a good fit should feel like. I know now that if it feels too big then I won't "get used to it" and that leaning the bike over at 45 degrees just to get a foot on the ground is wrong for a MTB, but I don't know the other end of the scale, I don't want to go too small trying not to get one too big again. I think that made sense! Thanks for the chart, looks like I should be around a Decathlon size M as I am 170cm with short legs. That should give me a baseline to start from.
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    They have plenty of bikes built in store, have a sit on few.
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    I went ot the Nottingham store a while back just to have a look at the bikes.
    The guy seemed reasonably knowledgeable, said he thought the next size down might be better but they didn't have any in at the moment to try, this one had a shorter reach so might be better etc.