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Can anyone advise on buying a 2006 Trek Remedy 6?
I have one lined up that looks pretty tidy almost unused for a 6 almost 7 year old bike. The owner wanted around £800 but I offered him £380 and he said OK (after a fair amount of time). I will be looking at the bike very soon but just wondered if it was a good buy?
I am handy with the tools so upgrading parts is no problem, I am just wary that it is an old bike. I was planning to get into some Enduro riding after many years on XC, I figure this would be a good cheap way in since I cant afford a newer bike!

Cheers for any advice ;)


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    my mate had one of the old style remedys (like the 2006 model) as his firts full suss and swore by it. i rode it once or twice and it rode very nicely for a bike of it's age. he gave it a right hammering, survived for 3 years and a couple of trips to the alps before he snapped the chainstay (however he got a new stylle remedy frame replacement frame fom trek under warranty so wasn't unhappy!)

    link below is to the orginal spec for the bike.

    as to is it worth the money? it all depends on on the condition. never going to get the original asking price for it, but it would be worth a look at the £350 mark. would have a look at changing the brakes though, the hayes 9's were horrible and underpowered ... ek/remedy6
  • Cheers for the good advice.
    Well noted on the brakes, 160 at the front is a little on the small side too, luckily I have a set of Avid xx lying around that would help there and a larger disc an easy cheap upgrade.

    I should be having a look at it tomorrow or at the weekend, hopefully its in the condition the pictures and description depict.
    Thanks again.
  • Well, I pulled the trigger. Bike is mine.

    I did some work on it, the previous owner obviously had no idea what so ever about how to set up a bike.
    The frame is good, and luckily he had not wrecked the shocks so all I did was change the brakes for my newly overhauled Avid XX's. Screwed out the B screw on the rear deraileur and thats it, Bike was sorted ;=)

    Anyways, I lost my Full Suss Virginity and loved it.

    WoooooooHooooooooo :D
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    Sell the brakes while they work. Avid XX were the worst, most unreliable brakes I have had. £200 for a single replacement lever body to fix a leak!