Orange clockwork s upgrades

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Hi all,

First time poster.... I have a 2013 orange clockwork s and enjoy riding it a few times a week. I don't much about upgrades but wondered about ideas on how to improve the ride. I have put clipless pedals on for a start but wondered what you would go for next?




  • cooldad
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    Link to the spec would help.

    And welcome.
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  • ej2320
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    Easy changes would be the cockpit

    Saddle as well

    So you get a personal and comfy setup

    Are you looking to save weight or buy better performing parts?
    Generally with wheels, Forks, Brakes ect you'd be better off waiting till something brakes then replacing it
  • passout
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    Don't know the spec but 'tyres' is usaully the right answer to this question. Then wheels.

    I also tend to change bars, stem, grips & saddle for comfort / preference - also the opportunity to shed a little weight potentially.

    Getting the right tyres is key though.
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  • cooldad
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    Kind of depends what the bike isn't doing that you want it to do, really.
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    Erm, I'd upgrade the dust caps to skulls first
  • kajjal
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    It depends what you want from the bike really. My Carve is still as it was when I bought it as all I did was set the saddle height and off I went.

    My old 1996 Orange C16r had a lot of changes made to it. It came with the following which I upgraded :-

    Narrow flat bar with bar ends - Terrible steering and stability , upgraded to a wider riser bar
    Small pedals with straps - Just Dangerous !!! , Swapped out for BMX flats
    Bontrager Tyres - Lack of grip and needed two grown men to wrench then off !!
    Bontrager Wheels - Not over strong but OK , Upgraded to Mavic downhill wheels for extra strength

    Overall this made the bike ride a lot better due to having more grip, being more stable and much better control. After that all did was replace bit when they wore out until I got a new MTB this year.
  • ianm7222
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    I've got the 2013 Clockwork S upgrades so far include...

    40mm stem
    740mm flat bars
    Shimano saint flat pedals
    130mm Revelations
    Giant Contact Dropper
    On-One Smorgasborg 2.35's

    Each component change improved the bike for me, the way I ride and the places I ride :-)

    Just need to ebay the OE now...anyone for a set of forks, pedals, tyres, bar, seatpost or stem with less than 30 miles on them............
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    Only upgrade components which need upgrading because you don't like them or because they are worn out.