Ratrace Crossing 2014

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Thinking of doing this with some mates next summer:
Has anybody done it? Seems a bit pricey at 100 quid a day for a couple of feedstops, a spot in a campsite and bag carriage. Or am I missing something?


  • welshkev
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    nope, the price put me off last year as well.

    i'm not sure what you get for your money. I can see with Downhill racing (for example) where your cash goes : timing, marshalls, medics etc etc, but I though that the crossing was expensive.
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    Thanks. Seems to be an ongoing theme over the last few years - organisers look around the car park, clock all the Discos, Rangeys, Porkers and Beemers on show and figure thay can up the entry fee. Even the Dragon Ride is almost twice what it cost in '07.
    All very well having a live band at the Village but it's not like we had Mick'n'Keef warbling us over the finish line
  • Two of my mates did it this year and they want me to join them when they do it again In 2014.

    They agree the price is steep, but so I am informed its an awesome atmosphere and very well organised. I'd love to do it, but the price is holding me back at the moment :(
  • +1 for the price.

    I was eager to sign up for this next year... then i saw the price and my enthusiasm kinda disappeared.
  • RandG
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    +1 for the price.

    I was eager to sign up for this next year... then i saw the price and my enthusiasm kinda disappeared.

    Put me and a mate off this year.
  • While I agree the price seems steep for what you are getting I have signed up to do it next year. I looked at it this year but a few things cropped up so I gave it a miss. The more I think about it though if you decided to do this on your own or with some mates you would have one hell of a lot of organising to sort out and then the price of digs baggage travel etc. and also the one big thing is if you have a big mechanical issue or can't continue for one reason or another then they will sort it for you.

    All in all I can't wait, never ridden this far north before being a southerner so really looking forward to it.
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    Definately not cheap but then again when you compare it to what use to be the 'Trail Masters' multi day event that use to be held in Wales up until a couple of years ago, the price is pretty much on par. What other multi day XC events are there in the uk? none as far as i am aware. I have seen some peoples comments on this years event and all positive remarks saying they will do it again in 2014 (but train more for it this time lol) I'm def up for this one and will be paying up after xmas 8)
  • I'm doing it. Its definately pricey, but sticking aside £50 a month for a while isn't too bad and it gives a decent fitness goal to aim at. It looks like a good route and the reviews from people who did it last year are all good. Struggling to get mates to sign up tho - we do maybe 10-20 miles every couple of weeks and the distance/training is putting a lot of them off.

    The way i see it, same as buying the new kit you don't really need*, anything that gets you out on the bike more is a good thing and worth every penny!

    *you do need it. Buy it. BUY IT!