Hell of the Ashdown 2014

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Just for info, our 2014 Hell of the Ashdown Sportive is set for Sunday 16th February 2014.

Online entry goes live Midnight of Saturday 30th November in to Sunday 1st December



  • drlodge
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    BRT shows only 1000m of climbing, that's hardly "hell"?
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  • Unfortunately due to the poor riding of some entrants we had to cut out two climbs to create a safer turn in to the second feed control, we are always looking at improving the route.

    Memory Map has it at 1800m?? I always take climbing figures with a pinch of salt until I have ridden the course. :)
  • "bump" tonight is the night midnight onwards :)
  • itboffin
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    It's a good course and well organised but both times i've ridden it we've been caught out by the weather, cold rain and snow are fine but ice takes the biscuit.

    fingers crossed for a mild start to next year :?
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  • drlodge wrote:
    BRT shows only 1000m of climbing, that's hardly "hell"?

    You've clearly never ridden the climbs that this takes in!

    Sadly, I cannot partake as it's the other half's birthday on the 16th.
  • Can't quite work out from the website, but does anyone know whether this is now full?
    My guess is - yes it is.
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  • Still a few spaces we had a lot of double entries where people paid twice instead of being a bit patient for the confirmation email that have left a few places now we have sorted through them. :)
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  • Entry for HotA going spare if anyone would like to ride this great early season tester?
  • Strith
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    Rode this last year was a cracker, but bitterly cold. Can't make it this year, so rode the route last weekend, some great little hills. Have fun.
  • Yeh I rode it to and it was bitterly cold, with over 5k ft in 62miles it's a great ride for benchmarking ones condition early on in the year or should I say lack of....?
  • I've got a spare entry if anyone wants it. Looking to get back the £30 it cost me. PM me if interested.