replacement 10 soeed chain?

ashleydwsmith Posts: 693
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What are recommendations for a replacement chain as I snapped a link on mine today ( clearly too much power!!), put a sram Quick link in for the mo, but would prefer to replace.
Running sram red if that makes any difference and like I say needs to be 10 spd.


  • maddog 2
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    KMC X10
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  • mrushton
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    PBK had 105 chains for £15 recently. To me they are all the same so spending mad amounts on a chain doesn't work .
  • me-109
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    Just ordered a 105 from Wi**le for 15 quid; 6701 is a couple of quid more if you want to save 10g. Another couple of quid for KMC, which come with quick links, I believe.