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Tour of Wessex 2014

bobo696bobo696 Posts: 57
Hi there !

One of my goals for 2014 is to ride the tour of wessex, read stuff about the previous years events and am looking forward to it !

Problem is how to get there when you don't have a car ? I'm based in London and don't have a car... I tried to find the nearest train station, castle cary, then 15 miles to somerton. But not very convenient if I have a big bag (I will camp)

Anyone in the same situation or any advice to give to me ? I suppose the best is to find someone who is doing exactly the same and is willing to travel with me and my bike, but this is not that easy to find !


  • book a taxi from the station?
  • I think you could get a National Coach to Street which is about 6 miles away. I don't know if they will carry your bike though, worth a phone call? :D
  • National coach won't take a non folding bicycle... I guess the best solution would be to get a taxi which would accept to carry a bike!
  • I live in Somerton and I would be happy to pick you up if I'm home that weekend but you'd have to contact me closer to the time. Alternatively you could try contacting somerton and langport rotary club who raise a lot of money by helping to organise the catering etc at the sports ground. They might have someone who could help in exchange for a small donation to their charity fund.
  • Thanks for the answers and the offer, i will look into it :-)
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