Cutting down fork stem

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Hi guys, running a new bike and the fork stem (e.g. the tube that comes up through headset and the stem sits into) is too long...

Is it possible to cut this down without messing up the bike? Currently have all the spacers sitting above the stem and it looks pretty silly.... Got approx 50mm of un wanted stem height left of this tube - any advise?


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    Google "cutting fork steerer".
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    Cheers - lots of deets / thoughts here also > viewtopic.php?t=12921627&p=18313397
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    Ideally you should use a steerer saw cutting guide to get a square cut, they are not cheap though so maybe a job for your LBS.
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    OK thanks chaps - I don't have the tools or balls to try it myself... will leave it as it is for the moment, if it really annoys me I will get the local shop to sort it as recommended.
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    Is it an alloy steerer or carbon fibre? If the latter, you should find out what the manufacturer recommends in terms of max spacer height both above and below the stem, and where the expander bung should sit inside the steerer. If it's alloy you might need to tap the star nut further down into the steerer before you start cutting. For a CF steerer the expander bung should be removed first.

    Either way, the cutting bit is really easy. Just remember to measure twice before you do any cutting. You want the cut steerer to sit 2-3 mm below the top of the stem or the upper spacer if you have one above the stem. Use one of the spacers as a guide when marking the cut line, that way it will be square.
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    Thanks Keef - it's a carbon fork but the steerer does not look like carbon to me
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    If you did want to cut the steerer tube yourself, a plumbers pipe/tubing cutter tool is good for a square and clean cut. Any hardware store should have them. Mark the steerer tube where it is to be cut and attach the cutting tool, the sharp steel wheel will cut a groove into the tube as you turn it around and slowly tighten the cutter as it is rotated. No burrs or unkempt edges are left. If you do want to use a hack saw a miter box for carpentry molding cutting will give you a steady purchase on the fork and allow a straight cut. Just be sure you clean up the edge where the burrs are left.

    The post about checking your fork manufacturer's recommendations on spacer minimums is spot on, also.
    Lets just got for a ride, the heck with all this stuff...
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    Thanks guys - lots of great advice here! Much appreciated :)