Alternatives to Tifosi CK7?

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Thinking of buying a 'do it all' bike and the Tifosi CK7 seems to fit the bill. Commuting to work with rack and pannier bag, winter club rides, popping to shops, maybe a bit of light touring. One advantage to me is that they come in Campagnolo flavour which would fit in well with the rest of my fleet.

Clubmate has one and has been very pleased with, but not sure I've explored the alternatives properly. What else is out there at the £1000 or less price range.



  • Kinesis TK3 looks good.

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    How about a Genesis Equilibrium - nice looking bikes.
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    Just get the Tifosi - still loving mine. It's never missed a beat and feels as stiff and as comfy as the day I finished building it up 8)
    Running Ksyrium Equipes with Michelin Krylion 25mm tyres, with a 2nd hand Spesh Pave carbon seatpost with zerts insert and it's as comfy as my carbon sportive bike, but feels more bombproof! I'd recommend.

    EDIT: but that equilibrium frame in bronze does look good... :wink:
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    A good dealer can order the Tifosi with anything the chickens Cycles distribute. As with any bike it worth trying before you buy unless you know the frame dimesnions you need and stem length e.t.c.

    It is however an excellent frame. I can't think of any customers who I have sold one too who have not liked the bike. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    The kinesis tk3 has a more aggressive geometry than the tifosi ck7.
    The genesis equilibrium is more similar geometry.

    Of the three bikes I would prefer the geometry of the equilibrium, although the other two will be lighter.
  • I have a TK7 with Veloce as my do it all and winter miles bike and love it ...Prefer the BRG paint over the Kinesis paint as well .