B'Twin cable protectors

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Has anyone tried these:

http://www.decathlon.co.uk/frame-and-ho ... 43647.html

This might be bordering on the insane but I've already put helicpoter tape on my nice new matte frame but was pondering adding some of these. I've read critiscm of some other brands that they can be too hard and so damage paint just as fast as cables on their own and that they don't always stay put. Can't see anything on these though.

Not the most expensive things in the world but I don't want to expirement if they'll do more harm than good.

Many thanks for opinions either way.


  • playpen
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    Yes I've used them on my Cube Agree after getting annoyed at the amount of cable rattling against the head tube when going over rough surfaces. They are pretty soft and have reduced the noise to practically none. Just be aware that if your cables are already in place you will need to cut through the rubber. I did this with a stanley knife and opened them up slightly and popped them round the cable, I then put a small bit of tape around the cut to stop them falling off.
  • patrickf
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    I've got them on my CR1 SL. Much nicer than having helicopter tape on the frame.
  • Thanks guys for your replies. Will give them a go although being dozy I forgot they should go on before the cables were fitted. Not sure how paranoid both helicopter tape and cable protectors make me.