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Chilterns...what's with the white arrows?

JimfrandiscoJimfrandisco Posts: 210
edited November 2013 in Routes
Does anyone have any idea who's responsible for marking the bridleways and footpaths out with white arrows daubed on trees all over the chilterns?
When i head out for a walk or a ride, like most people, i have a map, a route in mind and half a brain - so i don't need, or want, directions spoon fed to me with rural graffiti.
Riding north of henley and every other tree has them on, seriously, everywhere.
Don't think its bikers as footpath junctions all marked and some coded with numbers as well.

Its the countryside for gods sake, leave the road signs for the town.
You wouldn't tag the neighbours fence so what makes it ok on trees?


  • Well it's unlikely to be Jo blogs is it? I suspect this is local authority/green sands trust/national trust or whatever, placing way markers to aid the route. Don't quote me, but I suspect this is localised as it's not apparent up my part of the chilterns.

    Not to sound flippant, but have you considered other users may find it useful?
    Family, Friends, Fantastic trails - what else is there

  • BigAlBigAl Posts: 3,122
    Agreed - there are lots of them. But I believe only bridleways are marked out. I assume to keep horses and bikes off the footpaths, which seems fair enough
  • The white arrows have been around for yeeeeears. They are for both footpaths (often have a yellow line/collar and bridleways (blue line/collar) and just a useful addition to the usual signposts you see, as there are so many twists, turns and alternative tracks on the ground.

    Can't remember who does it, local council or something, but its all legit and pretty helpful for people who don't know the area too well.
  • I agree they're going to be useful, this part of the chilterns is a warren, it just starts to get a bit much when every path junction, bend and even straight bit is marked..takes some of the fun out of it!
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