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Giant Peloton Superlite SS > 10th winter aniversary!

chrisvanderkaapchrisvanderkaap Posts: 323
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Hey guys. It's time to take out the winter bike. This time 'it' (Pink boy dream) is celabrating it's 10th winter since I bought it. I got it when I was 14 for 70 Euros. Which was all I could afford. All that remains from the time is the 63 cm tall 'hot pink' frame, which I could barely swing my leg over. It could have made me look very stupid back then but it didn't. You should have seen my face when I first rode it, trading in my Batavus Winner plain gauge steel dutch city bike I used to use for an astounding 100K commute from Enschede to Zutphen every day!! Not long after, my youthful spirit and amazing discovery of 'modern' road bikes, it brought me to win my first club ride, age 16.

Bringing me where I am today. I have my own bike shop in the city of Antwerp, Belgium where I sell and maintain the best performing bikes and accessories in various disciplines of cycling (road, travel, city, off-road, cx, junior).
This great privilege has allowed me to slowly transform this bike into a very capable winter hack. I thought i'd treat it for it's 10th anniversary to a place of honor on my beloved Bikeradar forum.

Hope you enjoy it!

Spec highlight:

Giant Peloton Superlite 1992 hot pink 63cm
Wit industries WIT 39 rear wheel
H+Son Archetype 32 H on Miche primato track hub front wheel
Surly 50t stainless steel chainring
Surly singleator tensioner (tough luck on the vertical drop outs!)
Connexx stainless steel 3/32 chain
White Industries 18t eno freewheel cog
Salsa 'Nickless Cage' stainless steel bottle cages
Salsa moto ace 'Short & Shallow' handlebars
Sram S 500 brake levers (disabled rear brake)
Sram Force front brake
Brooks black leather bar tape
Bontrager Affinity RL ti saddle
Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp (Quattro) tires


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