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Saddle height

akc42akc42 Posts: 43
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I recently got a road bike to replace my heavier hybrid. I had it set up in the shop I bought it, so that it seemed to be a good fit. Getting the saddle height right was the first thing they did, with me peddling on the bike with it attached to a trainer - to give some friction.

I notice that the saddle is quite a bit higher than my hybrid. This in itself doesn't seem wrong in that coasting sitting on the saddle and then moving the pedal to the bottom of its travel and then dropping my heal - does have the heal below the toe. And I have completed a 50 mile ride - with (suprisingly since the saddle is narrower, and harder than the hybrid) less bum ache.

However, two things worry me just a little bit

1) When climbing hills in a seated position I seem to be using some muscles I haven't used before - those right at the very top of my legs just below my bottom. It makes me feel particularly weak.
2) When I move from standing on the pedals to sitting, the crutch in my shorts seems to drag on the saddle, with a tendency to try and pull my shorts down. It this just because its a new saddle and hasn't worn yet, or is it an indication of it being too high?

Do I need to persevere, or should I experiment with dropping the saddle just a little bit?


  • andrewjosephandrewjoseph Posts: 2,165
    if the saddle on the old bike was too low, you may be using muscles in a different way now.

    shorts catching does not necessarily mean saddle is too high, it usually means shorts are too baggy. ;-)

    are they cycling shorts?
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  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,368
    This^^ :)
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,286
    +1 on the shorts being too loose. Lycra is best if it's a snug fit.
  • PituophisPituophis Posts: 1,025
    Once you get over the mental barrier of wearing lycra shorts, they really are much better. Honest :)
  • straight leg with your heel on the pedal axle at 6 o'clock is a 'rough' guide to saddle height, this will ensure once the ball of your foot is on the pedal you have an angle at the knee
  • SproolSprool Posts: 1,022
    ^virtually straight without having your knee locked out
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