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For Strava Cycling Users: Please help me by answering this s

zsilvazsilva Posts: 2
edited October 2013 in Commuting chat
Hi everyone. Please fill this survey for a college work. Would appreciate your help. Thank you


  • I had a look at the survey. Half of it seems to be about Strava, the other half about MapMyRide. So I got confused about what you wanted and didn't complete it.

    Having said that, it looks more interesting and insightful than some of the research surveys people ask us to complete on here.

    I'm making a guess that you're not a native English speaker. Just to let you know, the word is "initial" not "inicial".

    If you fix the survey or clarify the Strava/Mapmyride confusion, I'll gladly complete it. Good luck with your research.
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