Enduro / Mini Enduro Events

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I competed in my first mini-enduro earlier this month (Howies Coed-y-Brenin) and the bug has bit! So I'm looking at doing more similar events next year. One thing that seems to differ from the event I competed in and many other events I have found on tinterweb is that the Howies event was two routes (30km & 60km) timed from start to end (no multiple timed stages or transitions). I am happy to give the other type a go too, but am a little concerned that it may be massively more competitive than the Howies event - which whilst was competitive, was quite relaxed with a great social vibe to it. And as I'm new to competitive events, I doubt I'm ever going to be up there with the front runners.
Also as I'm based in Leicester, any events in or around the midlands would be ace.

Any advice welcome!