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Why are rigid forks so expensive?

gt-arrowheadgt-arrowhead Posts: 2,507
edited October 2013 in MTB general
I started having a look at some rigid forks, as i thought they would be quite cheap. But i dont understand how they end up being at the very least £70 at least and upwards. I dont understand the price tags. Theres nothing sophisticated in the way they work, unlike normal forks which obviously have the seals, dampers, and all the rest of it. The only cheap forks i can find are the curved retro styled ones that are all 2nd hand anyway, as they are off older bikes.

An example:, there are forks that are branded "Dirt Jumper Forks" with no brake mounts for either Vs or Discs. And yet they are priced at something like £90. I can understand carbon forks being worth alot, but there are aluminium and steel forks and they are all still expensive. Why?

These are examples: ... 2330726c44 ... 25838c2720 ... -prod87937

This last one. £140 RRP? No brake mounts?! I think its a case of paying for the name more than anything else.


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