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Plans for Monday morning (big storm day)

Karl BenzKarl Benz Posts: 10
edited October 2013 in Commuting general
What's your plans for the "worst storm in years blah blah " on Monday ?

I would have still rode in to work as normal

But this weekend I've had to fix the outlaws car , so have half my tool box in the back of the car to return to work
So not possible to cycle ( tbh its a good excuse not too )

This will be breaking my record of cycling everyday though since June :(

The weather today has been ok , winds just starting to pick up a little

Weather turns bad late tomorrow night I believe


  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    Yes I seem to compete through the winter with colleagues to be last one cycling. And I cycle over the Severn Bridge, and there are days (once a year or so) when keeping the cranks turning and keeping it going in a straight line is a real struggle. The risks off plunging off the bridge or heading into the motorway are mitigated by barriers...

    Anyway, I'm on half-term so I can't commute.
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    No plans for post apocalypse here ...
  • First day at new work in Southampton on Monday & planning my cycling routes as its out of town. I like a challenge & hopefully any trees that are going to come down will have done so by the time I am get on the road.

    But ....

    Contemplating driving as apparently I've got a parking space. Only day 1 you understand, not bothered by the weather, more concerned about whether showers are en tap at work if I cycle.

    Seriously, watch out for yourselves though.

  • I'm ashamed of you all; clearly the only thing for a dedicated cycle-commuter to do is call in sick! :twisted:

    "Let's just all be really careful out there folks!"
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