Boardman Team 2014 vs Allez Elite 2014 vs Cube Peleton 2014

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On my C2W scheme, i can only purchase through Halfords or one of their partners (CyclesUK or Leisure Lake)

I have the well known £1000 to spend on a road bike but i am torn between a few bikes, i tested all of these but still don't know which has the overall best spec for the money. I cannot purchase sale items with this voucher so my budget is £1000.

Here are the bikes i tested. ... yId_165710 ... d-red.aspx ... black.aspx

What would you say is best?

I really need help on this.


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    The Boardman has a carbon frame, which is good for that price. However the Cube has 105 components which are a bit better than the other two bikes, but it has an alloy frame. I have a Cube carbon bike, so I might favour the Cube, although I am sure all 3 would be good. As you have tested all 3 bikes, I would tend to go for the one that feels right for you.

    As you are buying it under the Cycle to Work scheme, you may also to consider what ones are suitable to fit mudguards and possibly rack for commuting.
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    The above is good advice Scott, Cannondale and Trek also do good bikes at the price point you are looking at.

    It is unusual to test ride bikes and not find one you prefer, maybe you just need to keep looking or try a different style of bike as a pure road bike is not quite what you want.