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Lightest & quickest hybrid for a grand.

age136age136 Posts: 9
edited November 2013 in Commuting general
Hi all , i wasn'tsure whether to put this in this section or not but here goes.

I'm looking to buy a bike through the cycle to work scheme in the next week or so but due to an elbow injury a full blown roadie is out of the question. ITS ONLY THE BARS THAT ARE A PROBLEM. So i'm after a hybrid that is pretty much a full road bike apart from the straight bars.

Its to be used to cycle towork ( obviously :) ) and trips out with a mate or two who have road bikes .
So far these have caught my eye . ... -road-bike ... -road-bike ... ybrid-bike ... -road-bike

or perhaps i could get a road bike like this converted to flat bars ? ... -road-bike
using ... 4acab38163 ... 23309acd4d

possible even something like this because of the extra set of brake levers- ... -road-bike

Any suggestions guys ?


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