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North Scotland to Yorkshire - Weather advice.

GT DestroyerGT Destroyer Posts: 1,719
edited November 2013 in Tour & expedition
Hi, I am riding from Thurso (north coast of Scotland) to Leeds (God's own country!) in 5 days and have a decision to make about when I set off.

Looking at this long range forecast............ ... x?region=3

The week of the 9th, is a southerly (which is not good), but only very light, and temps around 7-10 degrees. However the week after, which is when I am planning to ride it, is 30 odd mph, but a north/east wind, and temps down at 0-3 degrees with rain/snow (eek). If you were riding this, you'd change to the first week right, surely? Just take the hit of the light southerly and OK weather? Any thoughts from other long distance/several day riders is greatly welcomed.



  • durhamwaspdurhamwasp Posts: 1,238
    Yeah, personally I would go first week. - Reports on Cingles du Mont Ventoux, Alpe D'Huez, Galibier, Izoard, Tourmalet, Paris-Roubaix Sportive & Tour of Flanders Sportive, Amstel Gold Xperience, Vosges, C2C, WOTR routes....
  • GT DestroyerGT Destroyer Posts: 1,719
    well, I will keep an eye on it over next couple of days and more than likely change it, it's all set up to be changed with work/support vehicle etc.....
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 18,900
    remember the weather does tend to change!

    re: multiday rides - just think of it in small chunks, ie, 30 miles and I will have a coffee stop, etc - the day & miles soon go
  • rodgers73rodgers73 Posts: 2,626
    Don't put much faith in long range forecasts at this time of year. They're at best a guess!
  • GT DestroyerGT Destroyer Posts: 1,719
    rodgers73 wrote:
    Don't put much faith in long range forecasts at this time of year. They're at best a guess!

    think I will leave it another week, then if the 2 weeks are still as different, then the first one gets my vote
  • carrockcarrock Posts: 1,103
    I'd be more inclined to assume the worst and pack decent clothing. Windproof and waterproof would be a start.

    Castelli Gabba, merino base layer and roubaix longs would be a start.

    Neoprene overshoes also
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