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CX Cross Help

gazza1000gazza1000 Posts: 35
edited October 2013 in Commuting general
Hi guys,

Recently bought a new CX Team from Halfords for my daily commute. Just a couple of things I'm hoping you guys will be good enough to help me with:

1. The CX cross has been recalled for 'minor cosmetic damage - Halfords call centre were a bit vague on this but called my local store who said they will exchange the frame when they have new stock. When ever that will be? Not sure what my rights are on this. Link here: ... ross-bike/

2. I plan on keeping the bike and would like slimmer tyres currents are 37s was wondering if I will get away with 28s on the bike? I commute through a large park with lots of leaves and very bumpy ground. Was a bit tasty for my last road bike that was pretty tired after a couple of years through it.

These looked a bargain: ... wired_tyre

Thanks in advance for your help.


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