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Copying GPX maps to Android phone.

stevebuttonstevebutton Posts: 3
edited October 2013 in Commuting general

I have planned out a route that I like in and I would like to be able to put this onto my Android phone. I've read that you can do this with MyTracks, but I'm not sure if I'm barking up the wrong tree.

Has anyone managed to get this sort of thing working, or can recommend a better approach? :?:

I find it particularly difficult pulling out a printout, especially when I'm on a busy route and I don't want to stop. If I could just glance down at the phone, and get it to tell me where I need to turn it would be much easier. After the first couple of times, it's not a problem but if I'm going somewhere new (like I will be on Thursday) then this would be seriously useful.
Many thanks,


  • Get the cyclestreets Android App.
  • Aha, OK. I'll try that. I already have it installed from my previous phone, but when I used it then it was so crashy that it was unusable. Has 4 stars now, so hopefully they have stabilised (or my HTC desire was just not up to spec). Will give it a try and report back here.

    Thanks, Steve
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