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I’m Al, I live in Warwickshire, I’m an unfit, overweight, 58 year old who has recently had a TIA (mini-stroke), is limp wristed due to a dual Trapeziectomy, is out of touch with cycling –so treat me as a novice. Sorry for the rambling post, any stupid statements or questions. Apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong area – mods please move this if there is a more appropriate place.

I’m returning to cycling after a 15 year gap, my 9 year old son has started riding (it suddenly clicked for him this summer - after 5 years of trying to learn how), and my significant other has also bought a bike ( but is very under-confident.)
I’m signing up to forums (Fora?), seeking advice and trying to learn as much as I can. So I will have lots of questions I’m afraid, readers of other forums might see my similar posts there.

I have bought an old Dawes Karakum my intention is that it will be used for family rides, shopping, easy trails etc., (It has the makings of a “Swiss army knife” or a bike for all seasons).
I also have a twenty year old entry level Trek Mountain Track that has been languishing in the dark for 15 years and needs some love and attention. Although it’s not a well-regarded machine, by all accounts, it holds many happy memories and will provide a chance to tinker. (There will be future questions about sensible upgrades, what components to use, and how to do it.)

I have been looking for a sports or touring bike for solo riding – to get fit (I’ve been thinking about a turbo trainer too – so it could also be used for that)
I’ve just bought a Raleigh Meteor which I fear is too small for me. I am 6’ 5” with a 36” inside leg.
The seat tube is 25”, top tube is 21.5”.
The (short) seat post fully extended places the top of the saddle 6” above the top tube, the bars are at their maximum 4” above. I find the position too cramped.
1. Is the frame too small for me?
2. Or will fitting a longer seat post and stem ease the problem?
3. Will it be a too much of a compromise; am I better off replacing it?

If the answer is to replace the Meteor what marques/models/sizes should I be looking for and where. I understand that quality comes with a price, but there is a law of diminishing returns and I am, unfortunately, on a budget. Large frames seem as common as hens’ teeth, hand-made out of unobtanium and very expensive. Older, cosmetically challenged cycles, in need of a service and TLC therefore are attractive.
Thanks for reading his.




  • welcome and good luck. not being the technical sort i cant answer the above ques, but im sure many on here can and will, however re-sizing, maybe the competitive cyclist bike fit calculator (http://sheldonbrown.com/frame-sizing.html) will give you some sort of idea over what sizes should suit you and what TT lengths etc are in your ballpark (its not gospel but will give you some idea) and also http://sheldonbrown.com/frame-sizing.html
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    Hi Al and welcome to the forum. Like @Hunterliney I'm not very technical so can't help much but just thought I would say it's great that you have taken up cycling again, stick with it and I'm sure you will see the benefits in no time at all. Personally I'd tinker with what you have for now until you know for sure you will keep up those solo rides. Don't let winter put you off and probably a good idea to get a turbo or roller if the weather get too bad.
    I'm sure your questions will soon be answered by the wealth of knowledgeable people on this forum.

  • Well, I grabbed the bull by the horns.................. (I realised after posting that the bull is a Mercury (The pink one!) not a Meteor) I went down to my LBS - Thorntons in Rugby - with the bike. (They were brilliant -offered a range of solutions and advice.).

    Came home with a new seatpost, quill and bar tape.

    I've just fitted the post and quill............... a cinderella moment......... the slipper fits and it seems to be a result............. just need to wrap the bars and away we go.

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement, I'm sure there will be more questions soon.