deflating tube?

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Ive recently been given the chance to own some rolf vigor alfa wheels.
They were on schwalbe ultremos and I decided to change them to gators for added protection.

The problem I have faced is soon after I installed the tyres, I noticed after a few hours it was flat!
The Gators are coming off my old r501 Shimano wheels. Probably done 400 miles on them.

I then replaced the inner tube with a brand new one and the same thing.

Ive checked the inner tube and added talk to the tube, inflated it before I put it in etc.

Still cant find out whats causing this. Can anyone give me advice on this?

Do I need to install a new rim tape? The rolf have rim tape already installed within the wheel.

Im going to install my 3rd inner tube tonight. The other option is to get a brand new tyre?

The rear wheel is fine, no slow puncture or anything!
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  • diamonddog
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    Check the tyre for anything that can be causing it, check around the valve outlet for any sharp edges, if your using the valve nut you could be doing it up too tight.
  • mlgt
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    Thank you.

    I will check this tonight. The last time I installed it, I did not add the wheel nut until afterwards.

    Will also use the cotton wool tip and run it around the inside of the tyre to see any sharp edges.
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  • kajjal
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    Check the tube to work out where the puncture is. Then look on the wheel / tyre at the same point to see what is going on. Most causes are very obvious but some are harder to find. Try running you finger round the inside of the tyre a few times, sometimes thorns stick in tyres but break off on the outside and only puncture inner tubes when you inflate them.

    You could put the rear tyre which is fine on the front. If it still deflates it won't be the tyre at fault.
  • mlgt
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    I will purchase some of the compressed air can tonight.
    This should clear any debris if any has broken into the tyre.

    Great advice, thanks all.
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  • sungod
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    i once had a repeat slow puncture, the cause was a piece of wire about 2mm long embedded in the tyre

    it only poked out and caught the tube when ridden

    nothing to feel just running a finger over inside/outside of the tyre, had to dig into to the tyre to find it

    learn to always mount the tyre in the same position wrt to the valve hole (line up the tyre logo), then wheneber you need to track things like this down you'll have a much better idea where to look
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