Knee pain

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Hi all,

Sorry if this has been raised before. I'm pretty new to cycling, about 18 months. I bought a new bike 5 months ago. Correct frame size and the saddle height was set using a goniometer. I've done just over 1000 miles on it but the last few rides I've developed an knee pain. The pain takes a couple of miles to surface but when it does it seems to be just between the bottom of the knee cap and the tibia. Possibly the patellar ligament. I only experience the pain when cycling and have a mild twinge when using stairs. It's fine to walk on or even bend normally and not sensitive to touch. I don't use cleats, just normal trainers. Any advice?


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    This type of knee pain if not due to a prior injury is often down to over exercising without enough recovery time. I was recently guilty of this doing too much high intensity sprinting without enough warm up and recovery time. Pushing to high gears slowly can also put a lot of strain on your knees but this does depend on your build.

    Other suggestions are having the saddle too far forwards which is more of a road bike thing. Due to a completely different riding style / bike setup this is not as much a problem on mountain bikes. If you look up KOPS but use it as a guide.
  • Thanks for the reply, no prior knee problems (had osgood schlatters when I was about 11-14 but doubt that is an issue). I'll look into the saddle position.