Numb nuts!!

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HI, I enjoy long distance Xc. I started getting numbness in my groin followed by blood in semen. Doctor was unconcerned and said would heal in time. At 47 I don't heal like I used too! Had a word with friends and local bike shop advised to go full sus. Brought a full sus Anthem to replace my hardtail,but still suffer from occasional numbness but thankfully bleeding has stopped. I think a replacement saddle may help, but as I live on Isle Of Wight range of saddles is extremely limited . I do wear padded undershorts. Is there any you recommend? Thanks


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    Hi - had similar problems a few years back. Urine infections etc came close to calling it a day. If you can afford them you won't beat the pad in the assos shorts. A class apart. I also use the same saddle type on my both bikes - centre cut out to relieve pressure. We're all built differently (cough) so try and find shorts and saddle which don't add to the pressure. I got it fixed in the end but had to try a few saddles before finally sorting it. You can always sell them used on ebay so you don't lose a tonne of money.
  • Thanks for the encouragement. I think its a problem but my wife doesn't! lol. Just ordering a Selle Italia Max Flite,it may not be cheap but will be worth every penny if it work's!
  • Might not work for you, but putting the nose down on my saddle slightly pretty much sorted it right out for me.

    Even so, I'm sure to spend a reasonable amount of time out of the saddle where I can.
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    Nobody mentioned a bike fit, I'm surprised.

    I had a similar problem, turns out my saddle (whilst dead comfy) was slightly too far back and I needed a 20mm shorter stem. Problem solved.
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    The saddles on most bikes are for the average sized rider. If you look on the web there are guides to measuring and sizing saddles. On my road bike the saddle was too narrow without a cut out. After an hours riding it was quite painful. Bought a larger width saddle with a cut out and can ride for hours fine.

    As above bike setup also helps but in my case it was purely the saddle ;)
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    Check out the Rido saddles.I use them on both road and MTB bikes pressure at all in those places.
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    I have a pain in my right hip/groin, it's fine when I'm cycling or walking around and being active, the pain builds when I'm sitting or lying in bed. DR's aren't bothered as I'm able bodied and not dieing.They say nerve pain is hard to find the cause. but I can't sleep a whole night which is annoying.

    When I can feel the pain, I push in my groin where the pain is and I can just feel my pulse, some times the pain is also felt behind my right inner knee of the upper leg, again if I push in all I feel is my pulse again.

    I have tried to stretch my groin out & I have found a way to intensify the groin pain. Sitting on my bum, feet soles together & then lean forward whilst trying to lower my knees to the ground. My left groin feels a slight stretch, but my right feels like it's a thick bulging rope.
    I'm on Naproxen twice a day but still feel the pain. any advice is most welcome I've had the pain for many years. but it is getting more frequent now, like daily.
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  • To be honest you may end up needing to pay to see a specialist. I couldn't get any doctors interested in my groin pain until I paid to see someone. Sadly I don't have any advice to give you beyond considering that.
  • I have similar problems and ive found I can only ride using specialized bg saddles. I have tried so many different saddles and only the specialized as they measure and provide the correct width.
    I bought a new bike last week and have not bought a specialized saddle and rode it yesterday. Ive still got no feeling downstairs today