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Do wider tyres really make a difference?

littledove44littledove44 Posts: 871
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My road bike has 23mm tyres and I run them about 115psi. I weigh 92kg.

For winter is was wondering whether a wider tyre, at a lower pressure,might help relieve the bumpiness from our horrible Isle of Wight roads, and perhaps give me a little more security in the wet as well. Somehow I can put up with the bumps in summer, but over winter I don't want any excuses for not going out and I don't mind going slower. The Strava KOM's can wait till next year. :D

What width would you recommend?
What pressure would you recommend?
Does it really make a lot of difference or is it marginal?

I have a hybrid to switch to if it's really Shite. Not concerned about that, only how to make the road experience better.



  • They make a significant difference. I run 27x 1 1/4, or 32mm, generally at 60-65psi, and my ideal weight is around 64kg. Disregarding the fact that bikes are designed accordingly, the road cycling community likes people to think that you can only go fast with the skinniest tyres; look at the way that professional cycling is going, and look at what retired professionals ride, and give fat tyres a go; you have nothing to lose and you may like them.
  • meursaultmeursault Posts: 1,476
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  • Neil_akyNeil_aky Posts: 211
    Try them, I run 25mm all year round with no issues - I think the bike feels better on them and that gives me more confidence.

    At your weight you need to be near the max pressure on the back with less on the front. Experiment a bit with pressures but don't go too low to avoid pinch flats if you hit any big potholes.
  • KajjalKajjal Posts: 3,404
    For really bumpy roads wider tyres are good idea to help absorb the impacts by being run at lower pressures. Mountain bike tyres are a lot wider and much lower pressure due to this and needing more grip off road. Bigger tyres at lower pressures after a point will be slower.

    Like most things there is a balance and a bit of personal preference. I am just under 100kg and run my 23mm tyres at 105psi. I find this is fast and smooth rolling as well as avoiding pinch punctures. The roads near me are generally fairly smooth.
  • ytchiytchi Posts: 61
    First time out on 25mm tyres for me today and I was quite surprised out how much smoother the ride was. My routes are mostly on badly surfaced B roads and the road chatter using 23mm tyres was a bit of an issue but much less so on 25mm.
  • arran77arran77 Posts: 9,260
    Going to go for a 25mm tyre to replace the tyre that ripped this morning on a piece of flint that had washed into the road in the pissing rain!
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