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Stelvio Santini 2014

marathon50marathon50 Posts: 10
I see entry for 2014 edition is opening on the 21 Oct.
Has any one on here taken part previous.
Is it worth doing, I have taken part in the Marmotte
for the last 3 years and have had great cycling there.
Usually I make a week of it and try and get a few extra climbs in.
This year 6 of us went to do the Marmotte and also got in Prix de Rousse on the
Wednesday before the Marmotte. Did the Galibier from Laurnet, Les deux Alps
and the Col du Garnon a brill week of cycling with fantastic weather and lots to do and see for
the week. What can I expect in Italy never been before. Is it a bit early to expect good weather
!st June. What other climbs are worth doing while there, is accomodation easy to get, usually try and rent
a house or appartment for the week.
Stayed on Les Deux Alps while doing the Marmotte this year great place to stay lots to do and see and
rentals great value.


  • izzaizza Posts: 1,561
    I did it last year.

    For me, it was a hard ride. I cam away with a real buzz of emotion and achievement. It comes down to three hills:

    - Teglio; is OK, just a bigger version of Leith Hill
    - Mortirolo; is a complete [email protected] Very hard with the 25% kicker at the end
    - Stelvio; just keeps on going. Fantastic experience.

    We met Rouleur journo at the end - this is his description of the event and me - ... e-stelvio/

    Event is well organised with very friendly staff, good food stops, mechanics at those stops as well. I used air miles to get flight from BA, hire car (3-4 hour drive) and stayed in the Hotel San Lorenzo. Nice family run hotel who put effort into flexibility and service. They have a garage area for parking of car and safe, storage area for the bike in their basement. Big advantage was the start line was 50 yards away. I was able to finish off my breakfast whilst watching the other participants appear and then drop my kit bag off in the vans as I walked out.

    Friends of mine made it a longer trip and used Dudley Samuels at He was really helpful to me and I only chose not to go with him due to the variables from my side meant I couldn't commit in time. They stayed about 1/2 mile away, in the centre of town and did the Mortirolo a day or two before. I think that made the sprtive easier and more enjoyable on the day - depends whether you want greater social enjoyment or greater sense of personal achievement.

    As for the weather; the Giro didn't make it up the Stelvio about 7-10 days before us because of snow but the blockage was on the other side. We had it cool and pleasant which was perfect. Looking back, the camera shows the skies to be completely grey at the top of the Selvio with walls of snow and ice on the road. I was in base layer, short sleeved jersey, bib shorts and knee warmers. Didn't notice cold as it was only in the last few miles and you just keep pumping away to finish by then. After finishing, it was straight into covered, finish area, swig a vin chaud, put leggings, buff, skull cap and jacket on then come down either by bike or bus (I was the latter as I was suffering vertigo on the switchbacks).

    THoroughly recommend hotels/event/trip.
  • Hi
    Thanks for the detailed reply in 2 minds at the moment would really like
    to have another go at the Marmotte its so epic and with so many
    climbs to do in and around Bourg d Osains its hard to pass it . Will have to make up
    my mind quick entry for Marmotte opens next week.
  • pbp3975pbp3975 Posts: 420
    Here's something to read. Can only echo Izza's sentiments. Little known Mortirolo route very tough indeed. Think very long Asterton Bank in Shropshire, or Swains lane Highgate x 15, then a steep bit!! ... o-santini/

    Highly recommended though
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