Wattbike SPD?

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Anyone know what cleats work with the Wattbikes? I normally use SPD (MTB) style on the spin bikes at the gym but couldn't get them in on the Wattbikes. Looked roughly like a standard shimano SPD.



  • jscl
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    Depends what pedals they have on.. We have 30 WattBikes and a mix of toe straps with MTB SPD on the reverse or the cleated pedals which accept KEO.
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  • Pross
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    The one I've used was flat one side, SPD the other but clipping into the SPD side didn't seem easy for those I saw doing it (I was using the flat side in trainers).
  • Hi we have a Watt at work and there are some spare spd cleats i can get them and post them to you if you want them
  • diy
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    Thanks for the offer I already have SPD cleats. I was more curious as to what they came standard with. I was pushing pretty hard, but now will try again.
  • carrock
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    Mtb spd one side and look keo on the other, with toestraps clipping in on the look side

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    Take spanner and your own pedals and the job is a good 'un.
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    Like every bike, it depends what pedals are fitted. The last time I was on a Watt Bike, it had Look Delta pedals on it.
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