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Bletchley to Oxford (NCN 51)

keithkeith Posts: 1,149

I have taken next Friday off, and in hope for good weather (...) am planning a long ride, and my first 100km on my new bike. After studying Google Maps and Sustrans, I have come across NCN 51, that takes me almost from my door to Oxford, where I plan on getting a good lunch and a coffee or two, and heading back again.

My question is, what quality is the NCN 51 route, and/or would you suggest a better route? My preference is for quiet country lanes. I take the bumpy ride for the tranquillity of the ride.

Thanks for the help in advance.


  • CalpolCalpol Posts: 1,039
    I have ridden 80% of the route and the roads are fine. The bit between Winslow and the Claydons is a bit potholed but nothing too bad. Don't know the bit round Oxford but from memory driving round there the town and surrounding routes are actually quite well laid out for cyclists with dedicated cycleways. I should imagine it will be quite a nice ride.
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