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New Bike ?

K9KEFK9KEF Posts: 11
edited October 2013 in Road buying advice
I was very lucky last week, I sold my 2012 Cannondale that I never really got on with for £75 less than I paid for it. How about that for luck !!!! I'm how in need of something nice, but what ?

I've been looking at a 2013 Focus Cayo Evo 1 & a 2013 Look 675, but I'm not totally sold and there's the 2014 Look 675 with the new 1.5K carbon ! or do I go a little more racey and go for a BMC SLR 01 Team Machine with Dura Ace ? if I can get the dealer down another £500....

I was thinking of something titanium until I rode a Spin Spitfire with Sram Force and no I really didn't like it at all, I don't think titanium is for me.

I'd be very interested to know what you all think.


  • How much riding do you intend doing between now and March?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • K9KEFK9KEF Posts: 11
    That's a good point, not that much but I'll ride on nice days and I do 15 to 20 miles
    every evening on the rollers.

    The main thing is that I have the cash now...come March I could have
    dipped into it and thus not have quite as much to spend :P
  • roktrokt Posts: 493
    Some very nice bike on that list, I'm also in the market for new bike but I'm
    buggering about and am unable to make up my mind, I think I've too much
    time on my hands......

    The Focus is very nice with Chours & Vision T42 wheels and the cheapest. The
    two look's are also nice and the 2013 model can be picked up with a good discount
    but I'm not sold on 10 speed Ultegra, will the new 675 Light with the 1.5k carbon
    be a much weaker bike ?, I don't know.

    I think I'd go for the BMC, or would I...I assume it's the £4000 model from Evans Cycles ?
    if so I don't know if you'd get another £500 off it, worth a try, after all I bet not a lot
    people are spending that kind of money on a bike at the moment.

    Good look and enjoy the hunt.
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