Giant Defy 2012 Headset

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Don't suppose anybody knows what headset is in a Giant Defy 4 2012? Would save me pulling my bike apart just to find out!


  • Well I took my bearings out and I think these are what I need:
    FSA #870 Campag Compatible Micro ACB Headset Bearing
    45x45 deg x 41.8mm x 8mm. Yellow seal.


    FSA 970 MR082 1 1/4" ACB headset bearing
    I.D: 34.0mm
    O.D: 46.8mm
    H: 7.0mm
    45 / 45 degree
  • Just so if anybody needs to know these are the correct bearings and can be bought from
    Take note of the shim in the top bearing of the original bearings had me panicking for a minute that I'd bought the wrong one until I realised. :-)