Swapping cassettes on Di2 bikes

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If you swap cassettes say from 11-28 to a 12-30 does the system have to be reset?Or does it just get on with and shift to the new size anyway.


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    You would need to look up to see if it can do a 30 cog with the standard cage. You might be pushing it and you might need a few extra links in your chain. Wiggo uses a MTB cage on his Di2 rear derailluer when using big cogs in the mountains.

    http://www.bicycling.co.za/bikes-gear/t ... leur-hack/

    With any cassette swap, you may need to fine tune the indexing, just as you would with ye olde mechanical derailluers. Press and hold the button on the display until the light is solid red, then shift in or out to fine tune. Each lever press is 0.2mm of movement.
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