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Intense EVP 5.5

Liam1611Liam1611 Posts: 191
edited October 2013 in Your mountain bikes
Well seeing as I've had this bike for a few weeks now I thought it was about time to let everybody else cast their eye over it.

So here goes.


18" Intense 5.5 EVP


Chris King Headset


And Rear Hub

The Specs are as follows.

Intense 5.5 EVP 18" Frame
Fox Talas 36 20mm Bolt Through with 160/120mm Travel Adjust
Fox RP2 Rear Shock 145mm Travel with Boost Valve
Chris King Headset
750mm DMR Wingbar 2
Deore LX R/H Shifter
Lizardskins Peaty Grips in fetching Blue with Da Bomb End Caps
Purple Skull 45mm 5 Degree Rise Stem (Same as Superstar Razor DH Stem)
Hope Mono M4 Front
Hope Mono Mini Rear
Front Wheel is a Hope Pro Evo laced to a DT Swiss EX500 Rim shod in Geax Lobo Mas Loco 2.5 Tyre and 203mm Hope Floating Rotor
Rear Wheel is a Chris King Rear Hub laced to a DT Swiss EX5.1D Rim shod in Geax Loba Mas Loco 2.5 tyre with Sram PG 980 Cassette and 180mm rotor the name of which currently eludes me.
Shimano Saint Rear Mech & KMC Chain
Raceface Evolve DH Crank with FSA Pro MTB 36 tooth chainring
DMR V12 Pedals
Raceface X-Type FR/DH Bottom Bracket
E-Thirteen Chainguide
Charge Chopstick Seatpost, Non de script seat clamp and an Evans Charge Spoon Alternative (Madison own brand)
A smattering of Anodised goodness.

How does it feel?

Fast and it scares the living daylights out of me, but it's planted and goes where I point it. And before anybody mentions it, yes the grass has been cut since these photo's were taken.

Kind Regards



  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,767
    Nice bike.. really nice.

    Dislike the hope parts, have 0 faith in there braking products. and i think you need a dropper but otherwise a really solid do it all machine. Very good.
  • mrleemrlee Posts: 499
    Liam1611 wrote:
    And before anybody mentions it, yes the grass has been cut since these photo's were taken.

    Well paint the bloody fence then, lol.

    Very nice bike by the way. 8)
  • Liam1611Liam1611 Posts: 191
    Too busy to paint the fence I can just about find the time to cut the grass, inbetween relearning to ride the beast above. Thanks for the comments and I promise as soon as we have a nice dry sunny day between here and Christmas I'll get the Creosote out.

    Kind Regards

  • russyhrussyh Posts: 1,375
    Can I ask a question, and forgive me if it's stupid. But what or why is there a gap between the bottom headset cup and the fork crown? Looks like there is something stainless in there? Or like the headset crown race isn't fitted properly? I don't understand.
  • Liam1611Liam1611 Posts: 191
    No question is ever stupid Russ.
    It's a Crown Race Spacer which is needed as the forks wouldn't fully rotate without it, due to the angle of the down tube and the crown of the forks, if the spacer wasn't in place the adjustment knobs on top of the fork crown would hit the downtube. It's doubtful that it's something you will ever see again.

    Kind Regards

  • russyhrussyh Posts: 1,375
    Cheers mate, you are right not seen one like it before. Sweet looking ride, I like it.
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