Helmet for a huge Head

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I've got a helmet that is pretty comfortable but sort of perches on my heid rather than fits properly.

I'm lightly concerned that if I do have a serious spill it might not be protecting the correct areas.

Any huge domed cyclists out there found a decent big helmet??


  • bunter
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    I have a MET crossover, which I picked up for about £20. It comes in XL, so it fits my vast bonce fine and I can wear a beanie cap underneath in the cold. There is a flashing light on the back. The straps and pads go stinky really quick, so I have to wash it more frequently than the previous lid.
  • I have a huge heid and Giro Aeon fits lovely - seriously expensive but I tried loads and loads and it was way better than anything else. Check a few though cause head shape is as important as plain size for comfort. There are cheaper Giros and they are the same sizes but be warned don't do what I did and try the Aeon first!

  • Again, thread is useless without pics
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    Ajkerr73 wrote:
    found a decent big helmet??

    See viewtopic.php?f=40042&t=12945376
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    My kask k50 in large is pretty huge.

    But you should try a helmet on before you buy, of course...
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  • Cupras
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    bell xlv for a cheap one you can try on at any halfords
  • defycomp2
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    Second vote for a Kask K50.
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    Think I've got a fairly large noggin. Always have issues at go kart tracks etc, once had to wear a helmet they made big enough by taking most the padding out!!

    Anyway, I find the largest size specialised do fits my head comfortably, still look like the little mushroom head chap from Mario kart though..........
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    Cupras wrote:
    bell xlv for a cheap one you can try on at any halfords

    Have one of these and although is a MTB helmet, was the only one I could find to fit.

    That said, I did try the new Specialized Echelon II recently and fitted just as well as the Bell.

    May give the Giro's a go from Wiggle before I buy as do prefer he look but when you have a massive napper, beggers cant always be choosers!
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  • MattC59
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    +1 for Giro.

    I've got a mahoosive sweed and have found Giro XL size to fit.
    Check the shape of helmets that you try, as my brothers Kask, which is the same size as my Giro in cm doesn't fit, it's more round in shape.
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