Winter tyre I need to alter ?

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I normally pump my Cont 4 seasons almost to their recommended max (120psi) I use a cheapy Halfords pump with gauge, and aim to get them somewhere between 100-120.

Is it advisable to make any adjustments for the winter ? I've a feeling I read somewhere (!) that it is sensible to reduce the pressures a little for the colder weather.

Whilst writing, is it preferable to have the front slightly lower than the back ?



  • nochekmate
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    Must be hard work to reach 120psi with a cheap pump!

    Often advisable to drop tyre pressure slightly 90-100 psi should be fine. Often have the front pressure slightly lower than rear but in reality you'll not notice much difference if front one is at 90 and rear is at 100.
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    Lower pressure will give you a bigger contact patch and more grip at the cost of a bit of rolling resistance and a slightly higher risk of pinch punctures so run thick or oversized tubes to reduce this.
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    Thanks both. I will reduce pressure a little.