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Cube Frame sizing??

garymwgarymw Posts: 36
edited October 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi,I Have seen a cube agree gtc pro bike,I am 5ft 8 ins tall inside leg 29".I have had 2 quotes on sizes one 53cm and the other 56cm.
The 53cm was a friend who has a cube already,hes a tad smaller than me and likes the small frames so he can sit in race set up position.The other 56cm size was recommended by email on a bike shop who sells quite a few of them.
I currently ride a specialized 54.5 cm frame and that is fine although the seat is high a tad.I know the obvious answer is go the shop and try but it is a bit of distance and i want to make sure they have the size available first.
Heard cube frames are a bit smaller sizing.???
Anyone out there who has one or good advice for size..??? :?


  • chris_basschris_bass Posts: 4,913
    they do come up small, I have a Basso in 56 and my cube is 60, both about the same size.

    best thing to do its try some out, failing that check the geometry and find the one nearest your current bike. - a site for sore eyes
  • I have a 58cm Cube Attempt and it sizes up small,
    similar to my 56cm Scott CR1 and another hybrid in a 56cm also. Both road bikes have about the same amount of seat post showing, but the Cube runs a 10mm shorter stem.
    So I agree that they do come up small for a given size.
  • I have a 53 cube and at 5ft 7in I find it a bit small at times, I agree though defo try one at 53 and 56. I think you may find the 53 cramped unless you get a longer stem
  • I have a GTC, I'm usually a 58 with Specialized (I'm 6 foot) but I'm a 60 with Cube.
  • garymwgarymw Posts: 36
    Thanks for replies guys,yes shop has confirmed twice now that a 56 would be better and by your advice think i will try a 56 as you all stated they come in a little small
    Cheers :):)
  • defridedefride Posts: 277
    Do give one a try, rather depends on what sort of riding position you're used to, I'm 6ft with a 34 inside leg and am perfectly happy on a 56, I've come across others my size on 56's. Best of luck, cracking bikes
  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,726
    My bet with quite a bit of experience of Cubes is you will most likely be 56cm. BUT... don't buy once without trying it because you might prefer/be better with a 53cm with a longer stem. Try them both. Take your time. Get the decision 100% right.
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