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I have a pair of Hope Hubs currently built up on some bombproof DRC/CRX italian rims that have been my training wheels over the last 3 years. The rims are now worn out an need replaced but the DRC rims are no longer availalble. Could some of the wheel builders recommend an altenative rim? I'm 65kg ,so, weigth isn't really an issue. Maybe something with a bit of profile on the rim would be good.


  • Right now most of the wheels I build have 23 mm wide H plus Son Archetype rims...they come in all drillings. Hard to beat. Otherwise if you have 32 H, then Open PRO is still a very good rim and so are Ambrosio Excellight.

    You can get deepish rims form the likes of Kinlin for less money, but the finish is not as good as the above, the drilling is less accurate, and if loaded with high tension they can crack over time.
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    I'd add Velocity A23 or Aero's to Ugo's list but I agree otherwise. Archetype and Excellight's are both very good rims and the Open Pro is a good option for saving a few £ (still well made and builds extremely easily unlike some of the cheaper rims).

    Kinlin XR270s would be the obvious all rounder choice if you wanted to go that way.
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    Thanks guys,

    Any ideas on prices and who sells direct?
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    I also use and sell the archeype alot and have all drillings in stock I think at present in all colours. 20H-36H

    Velocity A23 are O.K but not a patch on the archetype but are a bit lighter. I have a limtied amount of the these.

    DT Swiss RR440 is another rim I am using more of. 450g and excellent in every way not as wide as the archetype but lighter and quite stiff. Also well finished unlike the A23. 24H/28H/32H. I have them all except the 24H I am waiting for new stock.

    Velocity Aerohead 24H/28H are pretty good light as well.

    DT Swiss RR415 are very light and 28H is all that left. 415g and use these rims on my winter bike. Light but quite sturdy it seems.

    Mavic Open Pro have been arround for years decent and low cost. Everyone has these.

    Kninlin XR270 24H/28H/32H a decent rims again I keep these.
    Kinlin XR-300- 30mm deep and stiff 20H/24H/28H a very good rim.

    At your weight you could get away with 20H for the front and 24H for the rear with the archetypes, or Kinlin XR-300. 24H front he front and 28H for the rear would a be bit over built for you but nothing wrong with at and it opens up other rim options. What drillings do you have on you hubs? I suspect it may be 28H or 32H in which there are lots of rim options.

    Other than me rims are sold by Just riding along, BLB, chainreaction ................ the list is somewhat endless. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    The H plus son archetype are just what I'm looking for.

    Anyone get me a deal on a set?
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    What drillings do you need. Given these rims are in popular demand most sell at the RRP. I have a few 32H grey rims I am clearing at a reduced prices these are the old grey rims. I suggest you contact myself or another dealer if you want prices. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    Thanks for the info cycleclinic.

    I'm looking for black Archetypes and black sapin spokes. I'm sure the Hope hubs are 28 but will check tonight.

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    Yip 28/32 but will call tomorrow for a quote on a build. Thanks