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anyone know if

the playing mantisthe playing mantis Posts: 2,129
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you buy a bike and tyres at the same time from wiggle they would fit them for you, and maybe knoc off the price of the tyres that the bike comes with???

im guessing no and no.


  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    So am I, its a pick and pack warehouse, not a bike shop. I also doubt the cost of stock tyres on most bikes would offset the cost of changing them over
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Please tell me that fitting tyres isn't a problem for you ? It's going to be tricky fixing a puncture if it is....

    And no - they won't.
  • did i say that cougie?

    if you care to read the first post, i mention knocking the 'factory' tyres of the price, hence the reason for my post.... please read before making such remarks...however if you want, i will play along; so no, i have no idea how to replace a tyre or fix a puncture, in my year and a bit of of road cycling and 15 odd years hacking around on bmx and mtn bikes as a kid i have always had to take bikes to a shop to get the puncture fixed or simply scrapped them and bought a completely new bike as i have no practical skills to to carry out minor maintenance tasks on my bikes...

    now getting back to the real world and a proper response, t4tomo, you are correct i suspect, even if they did, the cost of the 'factory' tyres wouldnt even offset the cost they would chagre (if they did) of swapping them over. just wondered if anyone had tried it.
  • jordan_217jordan_217 Posts: 2,580
    I've asked this question of my LBS when I bought a CX bike a few years ago. The stock tyres were meant to be censored . The shop sold better ones. I asked them if they'd do a swap and offset the price a little and they said they can't as they don't have the SKU's, etc for selling on the stock tyres. It was worth a cheeky ask though...

    Perhaps a shop with an eBay outlet would be willing to do it, I doubt Wiggle would though.

    FWIW - the stock tyres on my CX bike were indeed censored .
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