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Is my frame set up correctly?

World\'s DumpWorld\'s Dump Posts: 107
edited October 2013 in MTB beginners
I'm not exactly "new" to mountain biking but I recently bought this..... recently? It was last Christmas but I've been more of a runner up until recently and want to get out on this in the near future.

Anyway.... I'm 5'11ish, I've not been out on any long rides and it's not exactly uncomfortable but looking at it, would you say this is set up correctly? The bars seem a little low though and I have followed the guidance on how to set the frame up by just wondered what people thought.



  • jimothy78jimothy78 Posts: 1,407
    It looks fine, really, although it's very much a low and long cross-country type setup, not very trendy, but useful if you do a lot of climbing ;)

    Obviously by modern standards the forks look to be low-travel, and the stem is ridiculously long (if you run a shorter stem you'll feel less "stretched out" and hence the bars won't feel so low). if you ever fit longer-travel forks that would jack up the front end a bit too, although there's a limit on what you can get away with in that respect.
  • BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,537
    What terrain do you usually ride on?
  • Thanks guys.... I live in the Isle of Purbeck, there are plenty of hills too. ... 8262512254

    So bike should be fine thank you so much for your advice! :-)
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    Perfect set up for Purbecks. Proper old style cross country, nothing technical but plenty to get the legs hurting.
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    Looks fine , you may want to fit some cheap platform pedals to improve the grip and stability of the ride as it looks like you have on the original pedals that came with the bike.

    Something like these would help ... 07#answers
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