Large Winter Gloves

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Hope someone out there may be able to help.

Whilst I don't have huge hands I do have long fingers.

I am looking for some early winter gloves that are long enough in the fingers such that I can ride comfortably on the brake hoods.

My palm circumference is 23.5cm, but the critical figure is the distance from the tip of the index finger to where (if you can visualise) the brake hoods would rest at the junction between the base of the thumb and index finger.

The length here needs to be 15.3cm

Anyone out there have any suggestions for gloves that might fit (or scurry off to measure you current gloves on my behalf)




  • Have you considered going into a bike shop and trying some on?

    I'd recommend the Castelli Lightness
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • dsoutar
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    Have you considered going into a local bike shop, trying some on and then buying them?

    FTFY - not saying thay you were inferring to then just go home and get some off the internet, but... :wink: