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Glasses for winter (and next summer)

Steve236Steve236 Posts: 212
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After not bothering with glasses on my Saturday ride and having numerous close eye encounters with insects and flying grit, I realised that was a bad idea.

I've had some Lidl glasses which seemed great at first (especially for a fiver) but they tended to slip down my nose and, especially when descending, left me with neck ache from having to raise my head to see. I have some Wiggle vouchers and looking to spend up to £60 so any recommendations of versions of the following brands - Northwave (Razer, Devil, Blade), BBB (Winner, Impulse, Impact), DHB, Spiuk (Ventix, Zelerix, Neymo) - which seem to fall in this bracket - particularly with respect to their ability to stay put on my nose?

Many thanks


  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    I'm using BBB Optiview and have been very happy with them.
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,173
    As a fulltime glasses wearer, i can tell you this is something you will get with all glasses frames at some stage. What you can do is to warm the arms of the glasses up and bend them into a position that holds them in the position you require them. My local optician does mine for me every now and then as i don't want break my only means of proper vision.
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  • springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
    I have a pair of the Power Race hydrophobic glasses: ... ng_glasses

    Had these over a year and the hydrophobic have been excellent over (last) winter. The hydrophobic coating is starting to wear off meaning they fog occasionally in poor weather, but still pretty good considering I've only used the one lens.

    Not exactly cheap, but cheaper that a lot of glasses out there.
  • trooperktrooperk Posts: 189
    I know it’s out of your budget but If you want glasses that stay on your face I highly recommend Oakley with the Unobtainium rubber on the arms and nose piece, believe me it’s not marketing hype, it stick even when you sweat, got my first pair of M frame in 1991 and now can’t wear anything without the Oakley rubber.
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  • I have had several pairs of cycling glasses, including a couple of v expensive ones. The best ones I've had so far are these; I tried the DHB ones from Wiggle but they distorted my vision.
  • luv2rideluv2ride Posts: 2,367
    At 22 quid I'm not sure these can be beat?: ... uotzgla200
    I've been using a pair for 2 years, and like em so much I've just bought another pair in a different frame colour.
    Adjustable nose piece, and the mirrored iridium lenses are excellent in bright summer sun. The amber and yellow lenses are great in low light, and I used the clear lenses tonight on a night ride. Bargain!
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