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MTBAndykMTBAndyk Posts: 3
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Thinking about getting A norco aurum 2 but not sure if I would get much use out of it. I live in the wigan area I know there is rivington and also I was wondering if there is any downhill mtb cLubs. Anyone with any info are advice would be much appreciated.


  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    There is a downhill place opened somewhere over that general area but I can't remember the name of it. There is also Farmer John's in Stockport and the Hope Line at Gisburn, plus bits of Lee Quarry.

    I'm not a downhiller though.
  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    Dirt Trax is the other one I was thinking of.
  • Ok thanks for your help mate
  • I wouldn't bother with a DH bike at farmer johns. I have a DH bike in Manchester. Its a luxury item unless you're prepared to travel. Thankfully you've got Revolution bike park not too far away and Cockhill. That's where i'll be doing pretty much all of my UK DH from now on, apart from fort bill
  • compocompo Posts: 1,370
    Don't bother with a DH bike for Rivington. I can't think of anything there that warrants anything over 140mm, and that's excessive.
  • DCR00DCR00 Posts: 2,160
    If you want decent DH then you will have to travel into Wales; Llangollen, Antur, Revolution etc

    Nothing in the NW that warrants a bike like that

    I bought a Kona Stinky for DH riding and sold it months later. You would be better off getting something around the 150/160 mark that can do both DH and trail work.
  • compocompo Posts: 1,370
    Just thought, could go to the Lakes.
    Some great hike a bike (Skiddaw/Grizedale Pike etc)
    Also places like settersthwaite
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