Regular North East Riders

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Change of job circumstances mean I am looking to meet new regular riding buddies. Live near Darlington, can travel in North East and Yorks. Weekends and occasional weekdays are good. Enjoy mixed riding, for fun mostly but keen on enduro racing too (if anyone is looking for a training buddy?)


  • You could have a look at which is a very friendly MTB and road forum with lots and lots of members in the North East who often organise regular rides.

    Hope that's some help. :wink:
  • yorkie75
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    Jeff, I live between Richmond and Barney, I work offshore so when I'm home I'll ride whenever I can, both road and mountain bike. A bit of alsorts really, from techy stuff at Guisborough and Hamsters to XC Epics in the middle of nowhere. I'm doing the ArdRock this year as well. Drop me a line howardneale1975 AT Gmail DOT com.
  • Hi Jeff I live in Newcastle and ride in Chopwell woods, Hamstery, send me message if fancy a ride